A Diverse Society needs Diverse Journalism

Neue deutsche Medienmacher*innen (NdM) is an association that campaigns for more diversity in journalism and against online hate speech. Through our various projects, publications and campaigns, we provide information about non-discriminatory media work and empower journalists of colour as well as those from a migrant background. The organisation is backed up by a nationwide network of media professionals – with and without a migrant background – who work together for more diversity in the media landscape and a better standard of reporting. We get involved and shake up the media landscape. Since 2009, NdM has not only been a network of around 2,000 media professionals, but also a registered association with statutes and an honorary board.

What we want

The media are for everyone. To ensure that reporting adequately reflects our multicultural society, we are committed to greater diversity in journalism and in the makeup of editorial teams. This is because we firmly stand by our constitution, which grants everyone the right to express themselves freely, to disseminate their own opinions and to obtain information from generally accessible sources without hindrance. This right must apply to everyone – especially in our immigration society. To ensure that all members of our society are informed, we need media offerings that appeal to everyone and marginalise no-one.

We are committed to a discourse that includes everyone and discriminates against no-one, and we take a firm stand against hate. In the media and on the internet.

What we do

  •  Through our information services, we support media professionals in discrimination-sensitive media work and advise them on how to deal with disinformation and hate speech on the internet
  • To achieve a more diverse media landscape, we support young journalists from a migrant background and media professionals who are new to Germany
  • And to ensure that media discourse is fair, we get involved in debates, write statements, visit editorial offices and criticise the media where necessary.


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